4 Tips For a Healthy Mould Free Home

If you’ve ever suffered from a mould problem you’ll understand how frustrating removing it can be. There are many different types of mould. Indoor mould can be a health risk and can irritate some people - either causing them breathing issues, asthma attacks or full-blown allergic reactions.

Mould produces spores that are invisible to the human eye. They can be found almost everywhere when you have a mould problem. That makes it impossible to get rid of all mould in your home. But, spores don’t grow without moisture, so that’s one way to combat them. Therefore, the root of your mould problem probably stems from a moisture issue in your home.

1. Improve air flow

Areas with excess humidity should be well ventilated to prevent mould growing. That might include around baths or showers, as well as laundry rooms, dishwashers and the kitchen sink. Improving the airflow in your house can stop mould growing, with the added benefit of reducing heating or air conditioning costs because air can flow more effectively around. You can achieve this through wall vents, and also by keeping any furniture away from the walls. Also keep doors and windows open where appropriate.

2. Use moisture absorbers

There are lots of products on the market that can absorb moisture from the air and prevent mould forming. Moisture absorbers will naturally absorb excess moisture from the air and keep a good humidity level in your home.

3. Continual Cleaning

Mould can build up in areas like your bathroom quickly. There are a range of mould cleaning sprays that can be used on various tiles, grouting, ceramics and plaster. These kill mould and mould spores, stopping it in its tracks.

However, some are toxic and can be harmful to the environment.

That’s not the case with Zoono’s ZAM and Mould Guard. Once a surface has been cleaned, Zoono Mould Guard protects against mould and algae forming for 30 days by using an environmentally friendly coating. This antimicrobial coating bonds to surfaces (inside and outside the home) to prevent mould from forming on it.

4. Protect yourself

When you clean mould, remember to wear gloves, goggles or a mask to protect yourself. That’s if you’re using the harsh chemicals usually in off-the-shelf mould sprays.

Zoono however free from dangerous chemicals, which makes it less harmful than other solutions. Keep your windows and doors open when working.

Mould prevention is a constant fight, but it’s made a lot easier thanks to Mould Guard. Because mould is often so widespread, you’ll need a few different methods to keep it at bay. Making sure you have a well-ventilated house and using a mould spray is likely the most effective option for most households.

If you're looking for an easy, non-toxic solution to combat mould in your house, check out our Mould Protection range.