Surviving Travel with Kids

Zoono Admin @ 2019-04-06 22:47:44 +1300

Lucky enough to be taking the littlies on an overseas trip this year? Here are some of our tried and tested tips.

Travelling with a family can be a lot of fun but we’re exposing our most precious cargo to some challenging environments. Lurking germs, bacteria, viral, yeast and fungal threats thrive in airplane air conditioning systems. Add in airport waiting lounges and food courts and the kids are at risk of getting sick before you’ve even touched down.

Let’s face it, there is a very real risk of catching bugs when travelling but life is for living and it shouldn’t stop you. Here are our top tips for staying safe and avoiding dangerous bugs:


Make yourself a list of everything you need. If you’re a paper-person, print out everything you need and have back up access to a soft copy on your phone. Check in with your family doctor to make sure everyone is fit for travel and pop into the pharmacy to get all the essentials in travel-size.

Carry-on Packing:

Your nappy bag should contain all the essentials, plus more - don’t forget the Pamol! Pack enough nappies for the worst-case scenario. Travelling to Hawaii on your last nappy due to a unexpected “explosions” can make for a nerve-wrecking flight!

We carry Zoono Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Wipes and All Purpose Antibacterial Surface Wipes. I’m not afraid to look a little OCD by cleaning every single surface around me.

On our first family overseas holiday, my son picked up a bug from sucking the top of the plane seats. While he was gorgeous entertainment for the grandparents behind us, we paid the cost when we ended up at A&E on Kauaʻi.

Some things can’t be avoided but if you can reduce your chances of sickness, it’s worth it!

Make sure everything is neat and organised. Think about what you need access to before the flight, on the flight and after the flight, and pack in layers.


Special snacks

Water bottle


Little toys- cars, puzzles, magnet games

Colouring-in/activity books

Travel wipes

Arrival Essentials:

If it’s going to make life easier and cause less meltdowns, it will be worth buying a lightweight stroller or borrowing one from a friend. Other items such as high-chairs, cots/cribs and car seats are usually available for hire. Call ahead and find out what’s available.

Enjoy Lunch:

We find that having our main meal after little Miss wakes up from her afternoon nap means we can enjoy it more. The kids are often knackered at the end of the day or when the dreaded witching hour arrives. It’s your holiday too, and if changing up the routine makes the holiday more enjoyable for everyone then go for it.

Travelling with kids is hard work but it's worth it. You can't put them in a bubble and protect them from everything but you can protect them from the spread of germs via skin contact. 

Wishing you an incredible year of adventures, giggles and less bugs!

From Pip and the team at Zoono.


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