Automotive Sanitiser - Bulk Pack (20 x 100mL Foggers)



A deep sanitising treatment for vehicles and rooms, to help protect spaces and minimise threats.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces
  • Dispenses a mist which forms a shield over exposed areas for protection between cleans
  • Can filter through the air conditioning system

Zoono Profesional Automotive Sanitiser is a popular DIY solution for reopening spaces after potential threats or for minimising the impact of threats. 

We recommend this product is used after routine cleaning procedures to offer protection between cleans.


How do you use it?

Shake well for 30 seconds. Turn air conditioning on. Close all windows. Place aerosol upright in a centralised place. Depress the dispenser cap until it locks into place. Leave room/car. Wait 5 minutes before re-entering. 

Can I use this in my house or office?

Yes. This product is suitable for homes, office buildings (up to 30 square metres) or vehicles.

Is Zoono Professional Automotive Sanitiser safe to use around pets?

While Zoono technology has a low toxicity rating, Zoono Professional does contain ethyl alcohol. Therefore we recommend making sure pets are not in the space. Allow 5 minutes for mist to settle before reentering with pets. 

Please note, this is an aerosol and therefore classified as a DG. We dispatch this product separately from our head office warehouse. 

New Zealand only. Not available for international orders.

Our Story

We believe the best moments in life are shared. But with nasty germs around every corner, that can be easier said than done. That’s why at ZOONO®, we set out to deliver the very best protection against germs. And guess what? We did it. ZOONO® makes long-lasting sanitisers that stop germs in their tracks

Our Technology

ZOONO® is an innovative sanitising technology that keeps working long after it's applied. Our unique trade secret technology is used as part of the world’s strictest hygiene protocols and has been tried and trusted by people all over the world for over 12 years, making us your number one go-to sanitiser brand.
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