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Coronavirus & Protecting Your Family

Zoono GermFree24 Hand Sanitiser will help prevent the transfer of germs via skin contact. We recommend using Zoono Hand Sanitiser as part of your daily routine.

Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser helps prevent cross contamination in the home and at work. Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield Z71 has food contact and food packaging contact appovals via the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Prime Industries (MPI).

  • Door Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Kitchen & Table Tops
  • Bottom of Hands Bags
  • Taps

Zoono Germ Fogger is an antibacterial fogging mist in a can. It works the same way as a flea-bomb, let it off then leave the room. An antibacterial mist will cover all surfaces in the room.

Zoono Regime

Using the Zoono routine will provide your family full protection against the germs that make you sick via surface contamination and skin-to-skin transfer.

Zoono technology is ultra-gentle and kills pathogens using a physical process. Read more about our long-lasting germ protection technology below.

Our Technology

Mould-Free Home

Mould produces spores that are invisible to the human eye. They can be found almost everywhere when you have a mould problem. That makes it almost impossible to get rid of all mould in your home.

Mould also poses significant health risks. Inhaling mould fragments or spores can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation. Mould exposure can also affect the immune system.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma. Those who already suffer from asthma and allergies are more likely to have more severe symptoms when exposed.

How is Zoono different?

ZAM Mould & Surface helps remove mould spores, it doesn’t contain bleach or toxic ingredients. We recommend cleaning with ZAM Mould & Surface Cleaner then protecting with our Zoono Mould Guard. This will prevent mould from reappearing for up to 30 days.