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Health Europa Quarterly - February 2021

Nadene Erasmus @ 2021-02-22 14:18:33 +1300

RAISING THE STANDARD: THE NEXT STEP IN INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL: Zoono antimicrobial technology is bridging the gap between routine cleaning cycles by modifying skin and surfaces against bacteria and viruses "With COVID-19 causing ever-growing concern, the wider issues of both community – and hospital – acquired infection and antimicrobial resistancecontinue to persist and worsen, as has been the trend over the last century. Revolutionising the way skin and surfaces are protected with Zoono’santimicrobial technology can help prevent the spread of potentially harmful germs within the home, workplace, social and healthcare environments. Given health, disinfection and personal protection has been...

Q&A with our ZOONO Microbiologist

Nadene Erasmus @ 2021-02-15 13:15:46 +1300

Meet Jade, our very own ZOONO Microbiologist!  Here at ZOONO® we are lucky enough to have our very own on-site Microbiologist. Conducting both on-site and in-field testing, Jade is capturing critical, scientific data to prove the efficacy of the unique antimicrobial effectiveness of our products. In addition to this, Jade produces detailed case study reports which are used industry wide to support businesses to make informed decisions and help to keep employees and customers safe. To celebrate and recognise ‘International Women and Girls in Science Day’ we’ve carried out a Q&A with Jade in the hope that it’ll inspire others...

United Airlines is adding Zoono Microbe Shield to the airline's already rigorous safety and cleaning procedures.

Nadene Erasmus @ 2020-09-17 09:48:51 +1200
The antimicrobial coating, created by Zoono Group Limited, a New Zealand Company and distributed in the USA by MicroSonic Solutions, will serve as an added layer of protection that complements the airline's existing, daily electrostatic spraying regimen before departing flights.