The very best protection
against germs

Harness the power of ZOONO®'s advanced science to guard against germs, and experience our defense against bacteria and viruses.


Zoono was formed with one goal in 
mind: to provide a healthier and safer
environment for people all over the
world. And we did it.

Our innovative technology is backed by over 190 lab reports to ensure it delivers the ultimate
protection against germs. That’s why ZOONO® is the first choice in long-lasting antimicrobial solutions for some of the world’s most
renowned businesses. Trust ZOONO® to keep you, your people and your business protected.

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Combining our innovation with
ambition, we are driven towards optimising people, profits and
the planet with our unique

As such, we have
expanded and grown over the
years and today, ZOONO is a
globally successful brand
thanks to our strong
partnerships across the public
transport, education, corporate
and healthcare sectors

Through the development of our innovative technologies, ZOONO is committed to providing proven effective, long-lasting antimicrobial solutions for protecting skin and surfaces, ensuring value for our partners.

You can believe in our product because it works. Wherever there are people, ZOONO can help to keep them protected from bacteria and reduce illnesses.



The original technology foundations have been traced back to the early 1900s in Europe, and the technology has evolved numerous times since its original form.

ZOONO® Group Ltd was formed in 2007 after Paul Hyslop identified its potential and its application to industries in dire of need a long-lasting antimicrobial solution.

However, at this time, the base technology had several issues preventing its commercial potential. The base technology contained dangerous agents. It had a short shelf life and only performed within a narrow temperature range.

Paul combined the expertise of chemists and scientists in the USA and his home country New Zealand, to re-engineer the highly advanced version of the technology available today.

The re-engineered version of the technology later named the ZOONO® molecule is now in its ninth generation and sets ZOONO® apart from any other long-lasting sanitisers.

The exclusive low toxicity ZOONO® formulation is water-based and meets food contact and food packaging legislation from national government agencies. It kills many bacteria and viruses on surfaces long after applied and continuously outperforms competitor antimicrobial solutions.

And with a shelf life of 4 years efficacy within a wide temperature range, it is now available for use around people, pets and plants in homes and business.


We’re based around the world!

We have ZOONO® team members worldwide, including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, China,
Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand. We also have a network of Authorised ZOONO® representatives ready to assist.

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For more information, please reach out to our friendly customer service team.


Meet The Team

Paul Hyslop

Managing Director

Paul Ravlich

Chief Financial Officer

Lew MacKinnon

Chief Operating Officer

Brett Wagner

Specialist Projects Manager

Rozanne Niemand

Assistant Accountant

Dwayne Dean

Operations Manager

Olivia Hyslop


Michael Wu

Business Development

Jamal McCleary

Regional Manager UK & Europe

Kim Bennett

Operations Manager

Garry Wilson

Business Development Manager - South Aftica

Jamal McCleary

Regional Manager UK & Europe


Providing the very best protection against bacteria.

Step into a safer space with ZOONO®, your shield against harmful bacteria, offering unparalleled, lasting surface and skin protection with our patented technology.