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Join forces with ZOONO® for a safer business environment. Connect with authorized ZOONO® partners who are expertly trained in applying our cutting-edge antimicrobial solutions.


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If hygiene is important to you and your business, please reach out to a ZOONO® representative.
 We recommend purchasing direct from ZOONO® or from one of our trusted Authorised Resellers.
 If you’re looking for a service provider to provide world-class hygiene for your organisations, our Authorised Service Providers
are fully trained in ZOONO® application and can deliver an exceptional service.
Alternatively, please reach to your nearest friendly ZOONO® team to bulk purchases.

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The safety of our customers is a priority

Your safety is our priority

Our partners are carefully selected as they share our values, they adhere to ZOONO®‘s strict protocols and deliver a high customer service level.

ZOONO®‘s advanced technology is in demand around the world. We’ve spent over 12 years backing our technology with over 150 independent laboratory results.

Sadly, it has been brought to our attention that our products and fake ZOONO® products have been sold online, using our logo and branding without consent. These  counterfeit sites may appear deceptive as they’ve often stolen our copyrighted videos, images, content and design elements. While our legal team is pursuing our  intellectual property violations, we appreciate your help in identifying these websites and reporting any unusual ads. Any company that is not mentioned above may not  be backed by ZOONO® or ZOONO®‘s long list of successful laboratory results.

If you come across a misleading site, or if you believe you should be listed on our authorised partners’ page, please contact